ecclesia austin

connecting people to God and to each other in a community of love.

what we're about

The word ecclesia means assembly or gathering. Jesus used it to mean a gathering He would build that would express His love for the world. We have taken this ancient Greek word to reflect a desire to live simply in following Jesus as He continues His redeeming work. Jesus loves Austin. We love it too.

Vision in gathering

To build a great city for all people through a gospel movement that brings personal conversion, community formation, social justice and cultural renewal to Austin and, through it, to the world.

Vision in community

Jesus calls people from different backgrounds, race, cultures and agendas to unite and find our common love.  It is the most amazing thing when people are attracted to Christ’s Love.  Finding that Jesus Christ doesn’t Judge them, they are free to abandon any identity emanating from a broken past and find a new identity and community in Jesus.